Associate: Acceptable Use Policy for Company Technology and Computers

BridgehouseLaw is dependent upon its Information Systems, computers and technology for both its day-to-day business activities and for the safeguarding of confidential information of the firm and its clients. It is therefore essential that we protect and maintain the availability, integrity, confidentiality and security of our Information Systems and Data. It is important for you to read and understand this Policy.

Equipment is provided to BridgehouseLaw employees to enable them to do their job and to put forth their best efforts in the furtherance of clients’ needs. Some personal use of BridgehouseLaw firm property and computer equipment / information systems is accepted, however, this must be considered within the bounds of reasonableness, and will, at all times, be subject to BridgehouseLaw’s discretion to withdraw such use and must not conflict with BridgehouseLaw business affairs. The frequency, number, time of day and business volumes will all be relevant in any breach of this policy. As a general guide, if there is any doubt about the “acceptability” of the use of firm facilities, or whether any material may be regarded as objectionable, employees should first seek guidance from a Partner and/ or the Office Manager of BridgehouseLaw Charlotte.

A. This policy applies to information assets owned or leased by BridgehouseLaw LLP, or to devices, services, facilities and equipment that connect to BridgehouseLaw networks or reside at a BridgehouseLaw site.

B. BridgehouseLaw LLP retains and reserves the right to record and monitor (i.e., read) all Internet and computer activity, including any electronic mail received or sent on its devices, equipment, services and/or facilities, including any which may have been marked private or personal.

C. BridgehouseLaw LLP retains reserves the right to remote access the device for software updates, security patches etc.

D. Please take notice: If you currently have any data belonging to BridgehouseLaw and/or pertaining to BridgehouseLaw clients, regardless of whether it is a current or former client, that is saved, stored, or contained on a personal device or, if the data is in hard-copy form and in your personal possession (outside of the BridgehouseLaw office), you are required to immediately (i) return the data to the BridgehouseLaw physical file and/or server; and (ii) permanently delete and remove the information from your personal device.

E. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by a Partner of BridgehouseLaw in advance through written authorization.

F. Any usage under the Unacceptable or Prohibited Standards may result in disciplinary action. Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action, which may include suspension or termination of employment.

G. ACCEPTABLE Practices:

– storing Company data on approved devices/servers
– Running BridgehouseLaw Partner-approved and/or firm-supplied software
– loading text, images, video or audio streams in connection with normal business – storing limited amounts of personal data on your laptop or PC


– Loading or running of unauthorized, untested or unlicensed software; i.e., software not purchased through formal purchasing process and/or installing software that enables free internet access from a public Internet Service Provider (ISP)

– Loading any software without prior consent or authorization of a BridgehouseLaw Charlotte Partner and/ or Office Manager

– Any misuse of Company resources, equipment or facilities to access, store, download or distribute non-company information.

– Any misuse of Company resources, equipment or facilities for personal financial gain or third-party gain

I. PROHIBITED Practices:

– disabling, modifying, turning off or removing remote access software (including but not limited to TeamViewer, ParalellsAccess etc.)

– disabling, modifying, turning off or removing system settings

– changing passwords (including, but not limited to email accounts, computer access)

– trading and/or downloading non-original or pirated copies of games console software, P.C. software, videos, DVDs, CDs or similar data via BridgehouseLaw facilities or equipment

– sending, disseminating, or using either client- or BridgehouseLaw-information outside of the firm in an inappropriate manner

– downloading software used for hacking or cracking passwords and/or breaching levels of permitted access/authorization, attempting to gain access to unauthorized sources, or attempting to circumvent protective security software

– accessing any unauthorized Virtual Private Network (VPN) with BridgehouseLaw devices, facilities or equipment

– interfering with or disabling Company device management or security system software, including, but not limited to antivirus and/or malware programs, device management, Team Viewer, or Crashplan

– intentionally introducing malicious code, including, but not limited to, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, e-mail bombs, spyware, adware and keyloggers

– port scanning or security scanning on BridgehouseLaw networks, servers, facilities, equipment, devices or other information systems without the express advance authorization from a BridgehouseLaw Partner.

– assisting others in violating any of these polices

– abuse or fraudulent misuse of the BridgehouseLaw computer network, servers, facilities, equipment, or devices not specifically mentioned.


I understand and will abide by the BridgehouseLaw Acceptable Use Policy for Company Technology and Computers. I further understand that any violation of this agreement is unethical and may constitute a criminal offense. Should I commit any violation, my access privileges may be revoked, and disciplinary action, and/or appropriate legal action may be taken.