Associate: Flex Time Selection

As outlined in Section 14 of the Company Handbook, BridgehouseLaw provides a flexible working arrangement known as Flex Time, or Gleitzeit. This policy allows you to customize your daily start and finish times while adhering to the designated core and bandwidth hours specific to your role.

Flex Time Advantages:

  • Align your work hours with public transportation.
  • Accommodate personal commitments like childcare.
  • Avoid peak traffic times to enhance well-being.

Selection Guidelines:

  • All legal department employees and administrators are required to be present during core hours.
  • You must fulfill your total work hours—daily (8 hours), weekly (40 hours), or monthly (160 hours)—within the allowed bandwidth period.
  • Choose from the available start times listed below. Please note that the time you select is when you should be ready to work at your desk.

Start Times Available:

Once selected, your Flex Time schedule will be fixed for six months. Remember, Flex Time is a privilege, not a right, and adherence to your chosen schedule is crucial. Non-compliance may lead to adjustments or loss of this privilege.

Choose wisely and ensure your selection best fits your lifestyle and work responsibilities. If you need to modify your start time due to unforeseen circumstances, please communicate this change promptly.

Proceed below to select your desired start time and confirm your Flex Time schedule.

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