How To Renew Your Passport

August 18, 2021

How To Renew Your Passport and Get One For The First Time Many Americans are making plans to travel internationally as countries begin to relax their border policies. Because there was little ability to travel since the beginning of 2020, lots of people haven’t taken a look at the expiration date of their passport and…

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The US Will Keep Travel Restrictions in Place

July 27, 2021

The U.S. Will Continue to Keep Travel Restrictions in Place Because of growing COVID-19 cases in the United States and throughout the world caused by the delta variant, the United States will not lift travel restrictions just yet. Countries affected by the travel restrictions are: China Iran The European Schengen Area* The United Kingdom** The…

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Update Regarding International Travel

June 17, 2021

Update Regarding International Travel            As the United States moves closer to lifting the travel ban and with many individuals hoping to begin traveling in and out of the country, it is crucial to remain up-to-date with the newest policies and regulations regarding visas. Staying informed about this ever-changing information will…

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Updates to Approved NIE Categories

June 14, 2021

Updates to Approved NIE Categories Making it Easier for Business Travelers to Enter the United States The Department of State has recently announced new categories of travel for potential National Interest Exception (NIE) approval in relation to Covid-19-related travel restrictions. This update may allow for more people to enter the United States if they meet…

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The E.U. Reopening to Vaccinated Visitors

May 19, 2021

The E.U. Is Reopening to Vaccinated Visitors The E.U. announced today that it is reopening its borders to fully vaccinated visitors or travelers from countries deemed safe by officials. This announcement could go into effect by next week, just in time for summer tourism. Many representatives are excited about this agreement, especially those from countries…

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Britain Begins the Process of Reopening

April 22, 2021

Britain Begins the Process of Reopening Last week, Britain started to slowly reopen after one of the longest and most strict lockdowns in the world. Britain has been under three nationwide lockdowns since the start of the pandemic, and they hope for this to be the last. When the country began to open last week,…

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Requirements for Traveling to Germany from the United States

March 30, 2021

Traveling to Germany from the United States As more vaccines are administered across the world, many people are starting to feel more comfortable traveling. Because of the close relationship between the U.S. and Germany, many Americans may start traveling to Germany and vice versa for business or to see family and friends. Today’s article will…

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North Carolina Easing COVID-19 Restrictions

February 26, 2021

North Carolina Easing COVID-19 Restrictions Starting on Friday, February 26, at 5 PM, North Carolina will ease many restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. North Carolina’s Governor, Roy Cooper, announced his plans for Executive Order No. 195 on Wednesday to get rid of the statewide stay-at-home order, among other things. The decision for Executive Order…

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President Biden Extends Travel Bans

January 26, 2021

President Biden Extends Travel Bans in Light of New Contagious Strands   President Biden and his administration announced this week that the United States will extend travel bans for most non-U.S. citizens and permanent residence. This Presidential Proclamation comes in light of new, more contagious coronavirus variants in different parts of the world.  The Trump…

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Answering Questions About PPP Loan Forgiveness

December 2, 2020

What You Need to Know About PPP Loan Forgiveness  The interesting thing about PPP loans that were given out to small businesses this summer because of the COVID-19 pandemic, is the fact that they can be completely forgiven if you match certain criteria. This naturally brings up lots of questions about the criteria. The Small…

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