United States International Travel Policy Beginning November 8, 2021

November 1, 2021

United States International Travel Policy Beginning November 8, 2021: Beginning November 8, 2021, international travelers who are neither United States citizens nor United States immigrants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before traveling to the United States from a foreign country, unless they are subject to one of the limited exceptions mentioned below. What does…

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How To Renew Your Passport

August 18, 2021

How To Renew Your Passport and Get One For The First Time Many Americans are making plans to travel internationally as countries begin to relax their border policies. Because there was little ability to travel since the beginning of 2020, lots of people haven’t taken a look at the expiration date of their passport and…

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College Athletes Can Now Earn Money Off Their Name, Image, and Likeness

July 27, 2021

College Athletes Can Now Earn Money Off Their Name, Image, and Likeness U.S. Supreme Court Sides in Favor of NCAA Athletes             July 1, 2021, will forever be an impactful date in the history of college sports, as the U.S. Supreme Court overturned NCAA rules which, until this point, had limited the educational benefits offered…

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Important NIE Update – NIEs Automatically Extended For 12 Months

July 8, 2021

IMPORTANT NIE UPDATE – Covid-19 Travel Ban-related NIEs Auto-extended for 12 Months from Approval   On July 6, 2021, the U.S. Department of State (DOS) announced that travel ban-related National Interest Exceptions (NIEs) issued in the last 12 months will be automatically extended for 12 months from the date of approval, and for multiple entries.…

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Update Regarding International Travel

June 17, 2021

Update Regarding International Travel            As the United States moves closer to lifting the travel ban and with many individuals hoping to begin traveling in and out of the country, it is crucial to remain up-to-date with the newest policies and regulations regarding visas. Staying informed about this ever-changing information will…

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Updates to Approved NIE Categories

June 14, 2021

Updates to Approved NIE Categories Making it Easier for Business Travelers to Enter the United States The Department of State has recently announced new categories of travel for potential National Interest Exception (NIE) approval in relation to Covid-19-related travel restrictions. This update may allow for more people to enter the United States if they meet…

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Updated Eligibility to the National Interest Exception (NIE)

April 16, 2021

Breaking Down the Eligibility Updates to the National Interest Exception (NIE) As times change and more people are getting vaccinated, the U.S. State Department has updated its eligibility for the National Interest Exception (NIE). If you are unfamiliar with the NIE, it is a way for current U.S. visa holders, ESTA-approved travelers, or applicants to…

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What is an L-1 Visa? And How Do You Qualify for One?

March 23, 2021

What is an L-1 Visa? What is an L visa? L visas are temporary, non-immigrant, employment-based visas that are reserved for company employees who hold management or executive positions or have specialized knowledge. There are two types of L visas, L-1A and L-1B. L-1A visas are for transferees within a company who hold either an…

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How a National Interest Exception (NIE) can get you into the United States

December 2, 2020

About the National Interest Exception Travel to the United States has been heavily restricted because of the COVID-19 pandemic, causing many people even with valid visas to not be able to enter the country. Because of this, the U.S. Department of State (DOS) has introduced the National Interest Exception (NIE) to allow travel to the U.S.…

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If an Electoral College Tie Happened Then Who Would Be President?

October 13, 2020

What Would Happen if There Was a 269-to-269 Electoral College Tie? Right now, the United States is in an election season. It’s hard, if not impossible to escape the seemingly endless amount of political ads, posts, and yard signs telling you who to vote for. This season won’t last much longer, however, because election day…

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