My internship at BridgehouseLaw LLP

While studying, it's easy to forget what's outside of the libraries and lecture halls. How the knowledge acquired in this way can be applied in practice often remains a mystery. As a law student, you often ask yourself the question “Why am I doing this at all?” - especially during the examination phase, you question your choice of studies, usually at midnight after you've spilled a cup of coffee on the laboriously created index cards. After my internship at BridgehouseLaw, I can finally answer this question.

BridgehouseLaw LLP in Charlotte, North Carolina gave me the unique opportunity to experience the interaction of the American and German legal systems up close. Through exciting and challenging projects, attending events and court hearings, and visiting the local prison facility, I was given a thorough understanding of US law. It gave me a lot of pleasure to experience the knowledge from lectures (as well as the clichés from American series as you know them from television) in practice. This experience gave me an enormous advantage, especially when attending American lectures at my university.

The friendly working environment and the contact with other German, American and international interns make every day a very special event. The support and guidance of the lawyers helped me a lot in tackling my future plans confidently and purposefully. Especially at the beginning of the legal training, the professional future still seems very vague - thanks to my internship at BridgehouseLaw I now have a more concrete idea of ​​my career aspirations.

BridgehouseLaw has given me the opportunity to grow with my challenges, for which I am very grateful to the entire team. I can honestly say that BridgehouseLaw has played and hopefully will continue to play an important and preeminent role in my future.

April 2017