Housing in Charlotte


People We Know

The following offers vary greatly in price, equipment, and location. Please email us at ausbildung@bridgehouse.law to get more information on housing accommodations.

David Broderdorp

One of our interns found David via airbnb.com. David lives in a Victorian home in the historic
Fourth Ward, a 15-minute walk from our office. David rents out a completely furnished
bedroom with a bathroom. Guests have access to all public spaces including the kitchen, fridge,
washer and dryer, and free Wi-Fi.
Please note, that David owns a cat and a dog!

Jacqueline Marshall

Jacqueline is originally from England. She has hosted an intern at our firm in the past at her
house as well as international MBA students. Jacqueline has a house in the Cotswold area of
Charlotte, approximately 8 miles from our office, and about a 15-minute walk to the next bus
stop. There may be other roommates living at the house as well. Rent is around $480 per