Intern: Confidentiality Agreement and Protection of Information

By providing my electronic signature and completing the required fields below, I agree to undertake my internship with BridgehouseLaw LLP (“the firm”) strictly in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

1. I acknowledge that I have been advised by the firm that all information and documents that I may have knowledge of or access to through my internship with the firm are strictly confidential.

2. I agree at all times to treat as confidential all information acquired through my internship with the firm, and not to disclose same except as authorized in the course of my internship or by law.  “Confidential Information” means any information, attorney-client communication or work product, technical data, technical systems, software or personnel information, which the firm provides to its employees/interns or to which its employees/interns gain access on account of employment/internship with the firm. “Confidential Information” includes, but is not limited to, client files and all content therein, whether in hard or electronic copy, manuals, training materials, work examples, and all work product produced or contributed by an employee/intern. I acknowledge that such information is not to be altered, copied, interfered with or destroyed, except upon authorization and in accordance with the policy of the firm. I will not discuss such information with any party, nor will I participate in or permit the release, publication or disclosure of such information, nor will I copy, photograph, scan, email, distribute, or disseminate such information, except as authorized in the course of my independent contract or by law.

I understand that this agreement includes:

(a) never discussing the personality of a client, his or her file or any details thereof with anyone other than a member of the firm directly concerned;

(b) avoiding the use of names of clients in conversations with other clients, friends or relatives;

(c) ensuring that disclosures of information are made only to persons entitled to that information;

(d) ensuring that conversations relating to clients or other firm business are not conducted in the elevator, in the reception area, or other public areas where conversations may be heard by other than firm personnel; and

(e) not using any Confidential Information except for the firm’s business purposes; and

(f) not using any Confidential Information in connection with any other employment/internship.

3. I understand and acknowledge that, as an employee of the firm, I am required to honor and be bound by the provisions of the North Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct in matters of confidentiality of information in the same manner as all the lawyers in the firm, even after I have left my internship with the firm.

(a) A lawyer shall not reveal information acquired during the professional relationship with a client unless the client gives informed consent, the disclosure is impliedly authorized in order to carry out the representation or the disclosure is permitted by paragraph (b).

(b) A lawyer may reveal information protected from disclosure by paragraph (a) to the extent the lawyer reasonably believes necessary:

(1) to comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct, the law or court order;

(2) to prevent the commission of a crime by the client;

(3) to prevent reasonably certain death or bodily harm

(4) to prevent, mitigate, or rectify the consequences of a client’s criminal or fraudulent act in the commission of which the lawyer’s services were used;

(5) to secure legal advice about the lawyer’s compliance with these Rules;

(6) to establish a claim or defense on behalf of the lawyer in a controversy between the lawyer and the client; to establish a defense to a criminal charge or civil claim against the lawyer based upon conduct in which the client was involved; or to respond to allegations in any proceeding concerning the lawyer’s representation of the client; or

(7) to comply with the rules of a lawyers’ or judges’ assistance program approved by the North Carolina State Bar of the North Carolina Supreme Court.

4. I understand that compliance with the confidentiality requirements of the firm is a condition of my internship and that failure to comply with the policy may result in termination of my internship with the firm.

5. I agree to be bound by the provisions of this Agreement and will continue to be so bound following the termination of my internship with the firm.