New Fine Print on Airline Tickets

New Fine Print on Airline Tickets

American Airlines COVIDDo you always read the fine print? Nowadays, the fine print is just thrown into the terms and conditions agreement of a contract and will go unnoticed by most people. If you’ve flown with American Airlines recently, you probably didn’t notice the new fine print on the terms and conditions that you agreed to when you bought your ticket. The new clause is put into the agreement that you automatically make with American Airlines when you buy your ticket. The clause takes away your ability to file a class-action lawsuit against them.

Airline companies like American Airlines are still flying despite COVID-19 still spreading rampantly. With so many people close together on an airplane, it is an easy place for the virus to spread. Knowing this, American Airlines decided to reduce the liability of potentially getting sued by inserting a clause stating “You agree and understand that you will not bring against American Airlines Group, Inc., American Airlines, Inc., or any of its affiliated entities, agents, directors, employees, and/or officers any class action lawsuit related to your access to, dealings with, or use of the Site.”


Airline contracts are known as “take it or leave it” contracts. This means that there is no ability to negotiate your contract with American Airlines. As a customer, you are either all in or all out.

With the potential of hundreds of people on their plane getting COVID-19, the lawsuit that could come from that would be extraordinarily costly.

Fine print

Your Legal Options

This clause does nothing to reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak on one of their planes, so, what if there is a large outbreak on American Airlines? What are your legal options? You could try to resolve things directly with American Airlines and they may be willing to help you. If not, you can also file a traditional lawsuit against them.

Another legal option that someone could take if they received COVID-19 on an airline flight would be to go to the FAA. Their regulatory body can help you with your customer rights.


If you do decide to fly during this time, make sure you stay safe. Take the proper precautions to protect yourself and those around you.



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