Incorporation of US Subsidiaries

At BridgehouseLaw, our lawyers have worked with many German and other European clients to help them incorporate a successful subsidiary in the United States. Our team works diligently to cover all aspects of incorporation including:

  • Corporate services
    • LLC or Inc?
    • Members/Board of Directors?
    • Registered Agent?
    • Place of Business?
  • Immigration
    • ESTA
    • Non-Immigration Visas
    • Legal Permanent Resident
  • Trademark
    • US Filing
    • WIPO Filing
  • Human Resources
    • Employment Offer and Contract
    • Employee Handbook
    • Employee Training
    • Payroll
      • Health Insurance
      • 401(K)
      • Benefits
    • Insurance
      • General Liability
      • Workers Compensation
    • Outgoing Legal Consultation
      • Terms & Conditions
      • Website Reviews
      • Annual Reports
    • Federal Tax ID
    • Accounting & Tax Advisors


We do all of this and more for our clients. If you are interested in incorporating a subsidiary in the United States, contact us.