Apart from my normal work in the office, I was also able to take part in several lectures and presentations by the firm, as well as external social events in Charlotte. By prior arrangement, I was also allowed to attend various negotiations as a visitor in the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. As a result, I have gained impressive experience in the USA in addition to everyday office life.

In summary, I can only say that BridgehouseLaw is a great law firm with great local people. I always felt that I was in good hands. I can therefore warmly recommend the “BridgehouseLaw Internship Program” to everyone because it is an experience that will shape you for the rest of your life. I learned a lot of new things, but also gained confidence in terms of my existing skills. The elective position at BHL went far beyond what I had dreamed of from this position.

BridgehouseLaw LLP in Charlotte, North Carolina gave me the unique opportunity to experience the interaction of the American and German legal systems up close. Through exciting and challenging projects, attending events and court hearings, and visiting the local prison facility, I was given a thorough understanding of US law. It gave me a lot of pleasure to experience the knowledge from lectures (as well as the clichés from American series as you know them from television) in practice.

All of the lawyers were always open to questions and their own suggestions and were able to significantly influence the projects. In the subsequent feedback, not only was the specific work reflected but the problem, in general, was also discussed again. It was especially because of this that I noticed that the law firm also focused on my personal learning progress.

All in all, it was a “colorful bouquet” of legal tasks that arise in everyday business. A very special plus point was that I was actually involved in the work and my results were used further. I had the feeling that we were working on a solution together and that my work was not limited to mere additional work.