Business-Minded, Client-Focused.

BridgehouseLaw LLP is an international business, real estate and litigation law firm with offices in Atlanta, Berlin, Charlotte and Vancouver.

Practice Areas

Business Transactions

Wide range of business transactions, including acquisitions, sales and corporate reorganizations.


Advice to both employers and employees on onboarding, immigration and termination.


Migrate skilled professionals into the United States and Canada.


Incorporation of US Subsidiaries At BridgehouseLaw, our lawyers have worked with many German and other European clients to help them incorporate a successful subsidiary in the United States. Our team works diligently to cover all aspects of incorporation including: Corporate services LLC or Inc? Members/Board of Directors? Registered Agent? Place of Business? Immigration ESTA Non-Immigration…

International Trade

Advise clients who operate internationally.


Wide-range of civil and business litigation in Canada, the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States of America.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Company Mergers and Acquisitions At BridgehouseLaw, our lawyers assist clients in mergers and acquisitions. Our team has extensive experience with both buyers and sellers. We offer one-of-a-kind legal services to our clients and allow them to get the best deal possible for both mergers and acquisitions. Contact us to get connected with one of our…

Real Estate Transactions

Manage commercial and residential real estate transactions.

Secured Lending

Act on behalf of banks, credit unions, mortgage investment corporations and private lenders.

Wealth Preservation

Advice on estate planning and wealth preservation.