Henriette I. Morton

International Practice Coordinator • Human Resources • Legal Interpreter & Translator (DE) • Marketing • Paralegal/Legal Assistant

As part of the Executive Team, Ms. Henriette Morton, a Dresden native and the International Practice Coordinator (IPC), collaborates with our international administrative leadership to assume organization-wide responsibility for BridgehouseLaw's initiatives, designations, re-designations, and program coordination.

With over two decades in management, Ms. Morton collaborates with interdisciplinary law practice and administrative leadership, including her hands-on approach to ensure that nationally and internationally accepted standards and applicable statutes are reflected in policies that impact our clients and law practice.

She advances professional law practice by providing administrative direction to strengthen and sustain the shared standard operating policies while providing leadership for the identification, development, and implementation of quality initiatives that reflect the Bridgehouse brand.

She accounts for the development and oversight of effective policies, procedures and protocols related to the law practice throughout the organization, responsible for managing review and revision of global policies, and assuring the quality of content and serves as a mentor for global policy development and revision to the shared governance councils.

Throughout the organization, she drives initiatives and projects intended to help foreign law clerks demonstrate excellence, such as writing for publication, submission of legal memos, participating in internationally recognized organizations, etc.

Ms. Morton also serves as Site Coordinator and communicates information about quality measures to stakeholders at all levels of the Bridgehouse brand, provides ongoing administrative consultation and leadership for all staff with regard to activities that reflect the Bridgehouse branded themes through professional practice excellence, and serves as an advisor to the leadership teams and the liaison to the BridgehouseLaw Germany offices. She is also a Notary Public.