Meet José Portabella Villela – BridgehouseLaw LLP

BridgehouseLaw is pleased to announce that its newest Foreign Associate, José Portabella Villela, was sworn in as an attorney at law for the State of New York on February 15, 2024. He is now a dually-qualified lawyer having also been sworn in to the Guatemalan National Bar.

Attorney Portabella Villela joined the BridgehouseLaw Charlotte office in November 2023. He works on a wide array of matters, serving clients as a member of the firm’s Business Transactions, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, and Immigration Law practice areas. Attorney Portabella Villela regularly assists clients through visa application processes and general corporate governance. Alongside the firm’s team of attorneys, he also regularly advises individuals and companies on the business and legal implications of cross-border and other transactions.