Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Incorporations of US Subsidiaries

At BridgehouseLaw – our lawyers work with many German and other European clients to help incorporate a successful subsidiary in the United States. Our team works diligently to cover all aspects of incorporation including:

  • Corporate services
    • LLC or Inc?
    • Members/Board of Directors?
    • Registered Agent?
    • Place of Business?
  • Immigration
    • ESTA
    • Non-Immigration Visas
    • Legal Permanent Resident
  • Trademark
    • US Filing
    • WIPO Filing
  • Human Resources
    • Employment Offer and Contract
    • Employee Handbook
    • Employee Training
    • Payroll
      • Health Insurance
      • 401(K)
      • Benefits
    • Insurance
      • General Liability
      • Workers Compensation
    • Outgoing Legal Consultation
      • Terms & Conditions
      • Website Reviews
      • Annual Reports
    • Federal Tax ID
    • Accounting & Tax Advisors

We do all of this and more for our clients. If you are interested in incorporating a subsidiary in the United States, contact us.


International Trade

Our lawyers are well versed in advising clients who operate internationally. To deal with the nuances of international trade, our trade group has lawyers who are licensed to practice in different jurisdictions. Our lawyers bring their specialized knowledge to assist clients negotiate and draft business contracts, such as purchase and sale, distribution, dealer, licensing, EPC and general contractor agreements. Further our international trade group advises foreign clients on how best to structure their American and Canadian subsidiaries and, in relation to foreign manufacturers, our lawyers provide them with advice on how best to prevent or mitigate product liability claims