U.S. District Court Judge Blocks Georgia Immigration Law

On May 18, we reported on our blog about the controversial immigration bill which Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed into law. The law was scheduled to go into effect this Friday.

On Monday, however, U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Thrash blocked the anti-immigration law from taking effect until a lawsuit by the Civil Liberties Group has been resolved. The Group asks the court to find the law unconstitutional.

After hearing arguments on the Civil Liberties Groups’ request to block the law and the state’s request to dismiss the lawsuit, Judge Thrash on Monday granted the request to avoid that officers are allowed to verify the immigration status of someone who cannot provide proper identification. In his 45 page order the judge also prevented the enforcement of the part of the law which would penalize those who transport or harbor illegal immigrants.

We will continue to update you on this topic, including a possible appeal of Judge Thrash’s ruling by the State of Georgia.

(c) Picture: Georgia Secretary of State

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