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The BridgehouseLaw approach to our clients

has been shaped by our professionals’ varied backgrounds in large law firms, legal departments, management boards of publicly-traded companies, universities and foreign diplomatic service.

Our clients appreciate that we not only provide answers to their legal or taxation questions, but we also understand and promote their businesses.

At BridgehouseLaw, the client can expect an answer to the question “What would you do if you were in my shoes?” We do not present vague hypothetical exercises without clear answers. Instead, we provide tailored solutions of outstanding quality at a competitive cost. We believe these distinctions continue to enhance the reputation of BridgehouseLaw as an innovative and efficient firm.





Practice Areas

   Business Law

Contracts / Terms and Conditions

  • Comprehensive development and review of all sales and trade agreements, such as purchase and leasing, taking into account the specific provisions of national trade laws and the characteristics of cross-border trade purchases (e.g. Incoterms and CISG)
  • Drafting of distribution agreements, such as those concerning agencies or dealer authorization
  • Procurement of hardware and software (purchase, rent, lease), licensing agreements
  • Advise on development and operation of electronic trading, electronic legal transactions, digital contracts
  • IT projects (IT outsourcing, inhouse, migration of IT infrastructure, including service level agreements)
  • Advise on national and international contract law, general terms and conditions, incoterms
  • Preparation of Contracts and protection of interests in contract negotiations
  • Advise on contract design (also in the context of corporate transactions, including due-diligence) and legal representation (litigation) in all areas
  • Development and review of sales and trade agreements, such as purchase and leasing, in each case taking into account specific provisions of national trade law and the characteristics of cross-border trade purchases (Incoterms, CISG)
  • Design of distribution rights contracts, such as those concerning agencies or dealer authorization
  • US-American commercial, corporate and contract law


  • Employee Privacy
  • Advising employers from employing staff to implementing restructuring measures
  • Representation of employees in all matters related to employment
  • Advise on all collective and individual employment law issues
  • Representing our clients in employment law disputes
  • Serving our clients in other related legal procedures (such as Integration Office)

Energy Law

  • Project development advise with regard to renewable energy projects
  • Advise on contracts, in particular land sales contracts and asset management agreements
  • Preparation and review of EPC and general contractor agreements
  • Real estate due diligence, especially in package sales
  • Consulting on project financing
  • Closed-end investment funds (renewable energies)

Intellectual Property

  • Data protection in international companies, e-discovery, cross-border data transfer
  • Advise on the development of brand strategies, national and international trademark registration, defense of trademarks in the event of infringement, including judicial representation and litigation, transfer and licensing of trademarks
  • Advise on the creation of artistic works (artists, designers, musicians, composers, filmmakers, architects, etc.), particularly copyright and design law, including transfer and licensing of these rights (see also regarding software: IT-Law)
  • Copyright law regarding service providers (photographers, performers, phonogram producers, broadcasters and producers, as well as database producers)
  • Protection and coverage of know-how, R & D, technology transfer,
  • Advertisement law; Competition law, including all relevant regulations (price regulation, drug advertising law, information of consumers, e.g. information on fuel consumption and emissions in car sale advertising etc.), merchandising, marketing practices

Product Liability Prevention

  • Legal Defense for National and International Manufacturers across various industries (including Automotive, Financial Products, Mechanical Engineering, Consumer Products, and Agricultural sectors)
  • Defective Products
  • Product Recalls
  • State and Federal Regulation Compliance
  • Preventive Counseling for Domestic and International Entities:
  • Product Labeling, Warranties, Instructions for Use
  • Comparisons with Industry Standards
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Business Implications
  • Reducing Risk of Litigation



Creation of domestic subsidiaries for foreign companies and individuals

  • Corporate reorganization of national and multinational entities with a focus on U.S. operations


  • Counsel from incorporation to dissolution and liquidation
  • Counsel and assistance for board members, shareholders and directors
  • Counsel on restructurings, refinancing and insolvency-related issues
  • Counsel on corporate affairs and commercial registration, as well as address recordation, name change and firm name protection issues
  • Advise corporate affairs and commercial registration: recordation and all questions regarding the chose, change and protection of the firm name

Structure foreign corporations

  • Corporate structure of national and multinational entities in any country


   Elder Law

Estate Planning

  • Wills, planning for incapacity, inheritance and health care

Probate and Estate Litigation

  • Represent executors, administrators and trustees in all aspects of administration disputes, fiduciary issues and settlement of complex estates and trusts
  • Beneficiary representation relating to their interests in estates and trusts, including complex tax issues




  • Employment-based immigration: obtaining residence permit and work permit for business, scientific, managerial and executive personnel


  • Obtaining Permanent Residency Card (Green Card) for qualified foreign investors, with EB-5 Visa and Regional Center

Personal / Family

  • Dual citizenship issues: Application for German Retention Permit (“Beibehaltungsgenehmigung”), obtaining / re-obtaining German citizenship
  • Citizenship and Immigration / nationality and residence law (visa, green card, work permit)


   Insurance Law

Subrogation and Reimbursement Claims

  • Enforceability, Modification, and Interpretation of foreign insurance contracts in the US and/or EU

Property Insurance Law

  • Advice on nonlife/property insurance law (industrial and commercial insurances)
  • Advice regarding termination and rescission/modification of insurance contracts Claims
  • Advice on insurance, insurance agent and insurance broker



Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Drafting of arbitration and mediation agreements or clauses
  • Serving as mediator or arbitrator in commercial law issues
  • Guidance and advice on international settlement negotiations

Civil Litigation

  • Representation in German and U.S. courts and arbitral tribunals
  • Domestic and international arbitration
  • Advise on procedural rules / arbitration organizations and in the selection / appointment of arbitrators
  • Coordination and organization of procedures concerning multiple countries and jurisdictions
  • Support on the enforcement of judgments and orders domestically and abroad


   Real Estate

Commercial Acquisitions and Leasing

  • Real Estate, Industrial Property
  • Advise clients with project development, also with regard to renewable energy projects
  • Advise on contracts, in particular land sales contracts and asset management agreements
  • Preparation and review of architectural, engineering, facilities management and tenancy agreements
  • Real estate due diligence, especially in package sales
  • Commercial Leases
  • Agency matters
  • Closed-end property funds, particularly in the area of renewable energies
  • US real estate law and US real estate investments for German investors


  • Assistance in Due Diligence and Transfer of Property, Title Search and Documentation

Secured Lending

  • Consulting on real estate financing / project financing






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