New MyTSA Mobile App Aims to Make Traveling Easier for Everyone

June 28, 2011

More people are traveling now than ever before. While some people enjoy traveling and others despise it, and some travel only for business and others simply for pleasure, there is one thing that nearly everyone who must pass through the checkpoints and the lines at the airport can agree on: they do not like dealing…

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Apple Adresses iPhone Data Collection Concern

April 27, 2011

Recent concerns that Apple is tracking users of its iPhones and iPads, have prompted Apple’s chief executive, Steve Jobs, today to respond to the widespread complaints. Along with the announcement of an upcoming mobile software update, Jobs said “the iPhone is not logging your location” and the company has “never transmitted” the precise location of…

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Apple Faces Class Action over Defective Glass in iPhone 4

February 10, 2011

Is the Apple iPhone 4 defective? Will it break if it falls on the floor?Are you surprised if your phone breaks after it dropped on the floor? Well if you are in a shock and you just dropped your Apple iPhone 4, you may join a law suit. There was a class action filed. Read…

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