Savvy Online Software Shoppers Not Misled by Rival’s Use of Trademarked Keywords

March 9, 2011

A federal appeals court (9.Cir) has found that consumers were not likely to be misled by an online software advertiser that purchased a trademarked keyword of its competitor. In its ruling on March 8, 2011 an injunction that had barred Network Automation from buying the keyword, “ActiveBatch,” was set aside. This word is the trademarked…

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Green Card Lotterie 2012 – Online Registrierung vom 5. Oktober bis 3. November, 2010

October 11, 2010

Important Notice about DV-2012: The online registration for DV-2012 DV Lottery begins noon, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT -4), Tuesday, October 5, 2010, and ends noon, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT -4), Wednesday, November 3, 2010. See the Diversity Visa Lottery Instructions webpage for more information. Weitere Informationen zur Green Card Lotterie und vieles mehr…

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