Decision on Utah’s Immigration Law Postponed

March 21, 2012

We previously reported on our Blog about the Utah immigration law known as House Bill 497. The law allows police to check the citizenship status of anyone they arrest. U.S. District Court Judge Clark Waddoups, who is presiding over the hearing as to the law’s constitutionality, postponed his decision. He wrote in his two page…

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Federal Judge Blocks Utah Immigration Law

May 11, 2011

Hours after Utah’s new immigration law went into effect, it was blocked by a federal judge. The law would have allowed police to check the citizenship status of anyone they arrest. Citing its similarity to the infamous Arizona immigration law now before the Supreme Court, U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups said in his ruling that…

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Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Utah Immigration Law Violates Civil Rights

May 4, 2011

On March 7, 2011 we reported on our blog about the immigration bills passed by the Utah legislature. Part of the new immigration law requires people to prove their citizenship if they are arrested for a felony or class A misdemeanor. Police officers also have the discretion to attempt to verify the citizenship status of…

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Utah Legislature Passes Immigration Bills

March 7, 2011

Previously, we reported on our blog and website about the controversial Arizona Immigration law. Last Friday, Utah lawmakers approved a package of immigration bills that would allow unauthorized foreigners to obtain a work permit and work legally in Utah under a so-call guest worker program. According to NPR, the immigration measures approved by both chambers…

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