October 6, 2017

Las Vegas Shooting: “Terrorism” or Not?   The answer appears to be “yes” under Nevada law, but only a “maybe” under federal law — the debate continues about whether to label such an act, perpetrated by a man with no known ties to Muslim extremism, as “terrorism.”    The act of ascribing meaning to such…

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This is America !

January 31, 2011

A fantastic radio interview on PBS had the following condensed dialogue about the killings in Tuscon, Arizona: MARK SHIELDS: […] There was one observation that was made this week I just have to pass on to you by a friend of mine, Allen Ginsberg, who is an historian up in Maine. And he said, this…

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Federal judges recuse themselves in Arizona shooting Loughner case

January 12, 2011

All federal judges in Tucson have taken themselves off the case of Jared Loughner, who shot several persons on Arizona last week, including Gabrielle Giffords and Federal Judge John M. Roll. A move which was somehow expected within the legal community to guarantee the court will not be impacted from their personal acquaintance with their…

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