Google droht Datenschutzklage

July 12, 2012

Google droht in den USA eine Klage, da das Unternehmen angeblich Datenschutzeinstellungen von Usern umging. Der Suchmaschinist will die Klage mit einem Vergleich abwenden, in dem er sich zu einer Millionenzahlung verpflichtet. Die Rede ist von 22 Millionen US Dollar, umgerechnet ca. 18 Millionen Euro. Bereits Anfang des Jahres hatte das Wall Street Journal berichtet,…

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Skechers Agrees to Pay $40 Million in Settlement for Deceptive Sneaker Ads

May 25, 2012

Although Skechers, USA Inc. is the latest company to backtrack on advertising statements, this scenario isn’t exactly unprecedented. Our blog recently covered a settlement made by Nutella for $3 million after they advertised their spread as being nutritious. In the latest example of deceptive advertising practices, Skechers agreed on May 16, 2012 to pay $40…

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Settlement Reached between F.T.C. and Facebook over Privacy Issue

November 30, 2011

Yesterday, the Federal Trade Commission in Washington announced a broad settlement with Facebook that requires the company to respect the privacy wishes of its users. The order requires Facebook to obtain its users’ “affirmative express consent” before it can override their own privacy settings. Facebook is also obliged to undergo an independent privacy audit every…

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