Urteil des Supreme Court: Rückschritt für die Rechte der schwarzen Bevölkerung?

June 26, 2013

Am Dienstag hob der amerikanische Supreme Court in einem aufsehenerregenden Urteil eine zentrale Passage des im Jahre 1965 hart erkämpften “Voting Rights Act” auf. Das damals von US-Präsident Johnson unterzeichnete Gesetz enthielt detaillierte Schutzklauseln gegen die Diskriminierung von Schwarzen an der Wahlurne. Aufgrund einer Klage aus Alabama, gerade dem Staat in dem damals auch die…

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Opponents of Alabama’s Immigration Laws Find New Ways to Appeal to Legislature

June 7, 2012

The Alabama Great Seal Civil rights and labor groups opposed to Alabama’s immigration law, known as HB 658, want to send a message to the Alabama Legislature. Since the legislature has been largely unresponsive to protests up to this point, opponents are finding another way to appeal to them – this time through their pocketbooks.…

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Alabama’s Immigration Law – The “Law of Unintended Consequences”

February 9, 2012

Crops rotting in fields, long lines at courthouses to renew car tags, massive amounts of paperwork for companies doing business with the government, and the shrinking of GDP between $2.3 billion USD and $10.8 billion USD (1% to 6% of GDP, respectively). Alabama has a problem, and that problem is House Bill 56. State legislature…

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Alabama Cracks Down on (Illegal) Immigration

November 29, 2011

In the past we reported about controversial immigration laws in Arizona, Georgia and South Carolina. Another state cracking down on illegal immigration is Alabama. Last weeks arrest of a German Mercedes-Benz executive by Tuscaloosa police for driving without identification required by the law raises the question, however, whether such laws hurt hurt economic development of…

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Daimler to Invest $350M to Build 5th Mercedes Model in Alabama

November 3, 2011

Good news for the State of Alabama and the Southeastern United States: Daimler AG said it will invest $350 million to produce a fifth Mercedes-Benz model at its factory in Vance, Alabama, starting in 2015. The investment will create an additional 400 jobs at the plant. The company did not provide details about the additional…

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“This is Alabama. We speak English.”

April 29, 2010

The state of Alabama offers driver’s license tests in Japanese, Korean, German, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, Greek, Russian, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese. And … not to forget: also in English. This created a discussion: Tim James, a Republican candidate for Governor, says “that’s 12 languages too many”. “This is Alabama. We speak English. If you…

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Trial Delayed due to Urgent Matter: Football

January 7, 2010

This is one of the most amusing court documents I’ve seen in a while. A few weeks ago in Jefferson County, Alabama, the Defense attorneys for Energen Corp. requested a continuance from the Court in order to reschedule their trial date which had been calendared several months ago for January 4, 2010. Why the sudden…

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