E-2 visa and unemployment benefits eligibility

April 7, 2020

Many of our clients have employees with E-visa working here in the US. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, some of these employees may have been laid off. Their question may be: “Can I apply for unemployment benefits? If I apply for unemployment benefits, will the government determine that I am likely to become a public…

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Employment/Tax Law Germany vs. U.S.A.: To tip your server or not?

February 4, 2019

As nearly everyone tends to eat at a restaurant from time to time, tips are something that concern everybody, whether you are the one to give or to receive a tip. However, there are big differences in both countries when it comes to defining the legal nature of tips. Tipping in Germany In Germany, tips…

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USCIS revises Form I-9 employment authorization for new hires

December 7, 2016

As we are headed into a new year of business activities, please note that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services have published a revised version of form I-9 on 11/14/2016. As of January 22, 2017, all employers must use the new form when onboarding new employees. The new Form I-9  is easier to complete…

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