How Private Are Your Emails?

December 28, 2012

(c) photo: Everybody knows that law enforcement can’t just storm into your house and rummage through your desks and drawers. They need a warrant that shows that they have probable cause to search your belongings. But how about your emails, facebook pictures and stored items in the cloud? Nowadays so much of our communications,…

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Facebook-Account als Beweismittel beschlagnahmt

February 21, 2012

Was in den USA schon gang und gäbe ist, könnte nun auch in Deutschland Eingang finden. Ein Richter in Reutlingen hat den Facebook-Account eines 20-Jährigen beschlagnahmt, weil dieser über Facebook den entscheidenden Hinweis für einen Einbruch gegeben haben soll. Durch die Beschlagnahmung des Accounts des Angeklagten, der unter dem Pseudonym „El Capone“ agiert, soll versucht…

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Practical Tips for CAN-SPAM Act Compliance

April 11, 2011

Virtually every business in the U.S. uses email to market its products to consumers. The lower costs and almost instantaneous delivery of information are only a couple of the many benefits online communication provides marketers. However, the ease and efficiency of e-mail marketing also brings drawbacks. Many consumers find unsolicited commercial e-mail messages (spam) annoying…

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