U.S. Department of Homeland Security Monitors Social Networks

April 13, 2012

Behind the ostensibly innocuous abbreviation “IOI” stands a vast list of terms monitored -through a subcontractor- by the Department of Homeland Security. The terms are supposed to help the Department uncover “Items of Interest.” IOIs currently relate to 14 categories: 1) Terrorism2) Weather/Natural Disasters/Emergency Management3) Fire4) Trafficking/Border Control Issues5) Immigration6) HAZMAT7) Nuclear8) Transportation Security9) Infrastructure10)…

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U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Personal Privacy Rights of Corporations

March 2, 2011

WASHINGTON — The New York Times reported that in a lively decision that relied as much on dictionaries, grammar and usage as it did on legal analysis, the Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled unanimously that corporations have no personal privacy rights for purposes of the Freedom of Information Act. According to the NY Times, AT&T,…

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