New Visas for Foreigners Buying Pricy Homes

October 26, 2011

To stimulate the US-real estate market, two Senators (Democrat Charles Schumer, New York and Republican Mike Lee, Utah) are preparing to introduce a new bill this Thursday that would give residence visas to foreigners who wants to buy a house in the United States. The measure will offer visas to any foreigner making a cash…

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A Will or No Will

March 10, 2011

When it comes to estate planning, the three questions I typically hear are: how to write a will how to ensure that property is likely to end up in the “right” hands how to manage the “German” issues such as child custody for minors, assets in Germany etc. After I provide answers or send them…

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Tax Issues for Foreign Real Estate Owners in the US

November 26, 2009

Sometimes old cases are still relevant. Especially in times of real estate foreclosures and banks taking properties it is good to know that European investors in US real estate get some protection. We reported in April 2006 that the United States Supreme Court ruled on April 26, 2006 in the Jones v. Flowers case. It…

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