R&D Tax Credits: Handling Expenditures of the Technology Entrepreneur*

July 30, 2012

Though the Research & Experimentation Tax Credit (or the R&D Tax Credit, IRC Section 41) expired on December 31, 2011, it is expected that it will be extended for 2012 (or beyond) as it has been the last sixteen times. In anticipation of the extension, BridgehouseLaw is working with highly experienced tax accountants Habif, Arogeti,…

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I.R.S. Revives Voluntary Disclosure Program for Offshore Accounts

January 10, 2012

At the beginning of last year we reported on our blog about the amnesty program of the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) for offshore accounts. Yesterday, the I.R.S. announced that it would revive its so-called voluntary disclosure program for offshore accounts. The I.R.S. collected $4.4 billion in two previous programs The program’s revival is part of…

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California Begins Taxing the Internet

June 30, 2011

Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a California bill into law that imposes the collection of taxes from consumers on sales by online retailers. The law is designed as a run around the 1992 Supreme Court decision that ruled states cannot tax businesses that are not physically within their boundaries. This new statute would establish presence…

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SC House Judiciary Subcommittee Removes Wire Transfer Fee from Immigration Bill

April 8, 2011

On Thursday, the attempt by the South Carolina legislator to tax money that illegal immigrants send back home was removed from an immigration bill. Opponents of the section said the fee on out-of-country wire transfers would hurt not only businesses but also students and military families. The Charlotte Observer reported a House Judiciary subcommittee voted…

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Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA)

April 5, 2011

The FICA tax, being part of the Internal Revenue Tax code since 1939, is a payroll tax enforced upon employees and employers by the federal government to fund Social Security and Medicare. Social Security benefits old-age as well as survivors and disability insurance, Medicare funds hospital insurance. In 2005, the employee’s share of the Social…

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IRS Begins Processing Tax Forms Affected by Late Tax Changes Taxpayers can e-File Immediately

February 17, 2011

The Internal Revenue Service announced on February 15, 2011 it has started processing individual tax returns affected by legislation enacted in December and reminded taxpayers that they can begin filing electronically immediately. On 2/14/2011 IRS systems began to accept and process both e-file and paper tax returns claiming itemized deductions on Form 1040, Schedule A,…

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Justices Revisit Tax Credits for Religious Schools

November 4, 2010

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Wednesday returned to a subject that produced a major and closely divided decision eight years ago: how far may the government go in aiding religious schools? In 2002, in a 5-to-4 ruling, the court upheld a school voucher system in Cleveland that parents used almost exclusively to pay for…

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Tax Issues for Foreign Real Estate Owners in the US

November 26, 2009

Sometimes old cases are still relevant. Especially in times of real estate foreclosures and banks taking properties it is good to know that European investors in US real estate get some protection. We reported in April 2006 that the United States Supreme Court ruled on April 26, 2006 in the Jones v. Flowers case. It…

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