UK and The Hague Treaties after Brexit

March 10, 2020

Private International Law Bill introduced in Parliament The UK has regained full competence to strike international agreements on Private International Law since leaving the EU. • now we have left the EU, the UK can capitalise on regaining full competence to enter into international agreements in Private International Law • new Bill will allow those…

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New German Mediation Law Passed in the Bundestag*

August 29, 2012

After a long and intense debate, the Act for the Promotion of Mediation and other Procedures of Extrajudicial Conflict Settlement (Gesetz zur Förderung der Mediation und anderer Verfahren der außergerichtlichen Konfliktbeilegung) passed German parliament (Deutscher Bundestag) on June 28th 2012 (BR-Dr 377/12). The role that judges are to play in mediation, and the model of…

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