The 2021 H-1B Visa Applications

March 1, 2021

  2021 H-1B Visa Applications What is an H-1B Visa? The H-1B visa is an employment-based, temporary work, non-immigrant visa. This visa offers companies the opportunity to bring highly-skilled, credentialed foreign citizens into the U.S. for employment in a specialty occupation for up to 6 years. After the H-1B expires, the visa holder can reapply.…

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Immigration Reform Bill – Key Provisions

April 18, 2013

A bipartisan group of Senators, known as the “Gang of Eight” introduced their immigration reform proposal, an 844-page document, on April 17. The Obama administration reacted positively to the news that the group introduced the bill and urged the Senate “to quickly move this bill forward” and pledged to “do whatever it takes to make…

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German Government Makes it Easier for Highly Qualified Foreigners to Immigrate

April 3, 2012

According to the Financial Times Deutschland, the ruling Union and Free Democratic coalition in Germany is planning on making it much easier for highly qualified foreigners to immigrate. The minimum salary for immigrants is being lowered from 66,000 Euros to 44,800 Euros. For professionals in high-demand, such as doctors, engineers, and computer scientists, the minimum…

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