American Express Layoffs Being Investigated

April 3, 2012

Last year, American Express shut down its Greensboro call center. Now, the U.S. Department of Labor is looking into the matter to see whether any of the 1,500 jobs were shipped overseas. If they were, the Trade Adjustment Assistance Act would apply, giving workers special unemployment benefits such as extra training and relocation assistance. American…

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Labor Court in Berlin finds SONY Germany Guilty of Sex Discrimination

July 1, 2011

On Tuesday, a labor court in Berlin found Sony Music Entertainment Germany guilty of sexual discrimination for promoting a man over a woman who was expecting a child. The women worked in the area of international marketing for Sony Music Entertainment, a joint venture at the time between Germany’s Bertelsmann and the Japanese Sony label.…

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Arguments between National Football League and Players Association still Not Settled

May 5, 2011

On February 14, 2011 the National Football League (NFL) filed an unfair labor practice claim with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) against the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA). The NFL is accusing the NFLPA of failing to bargain in good faith and threatening the NFL to decertify the NFLPA. When talks did not…

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Overtime: Exempt v. Nonexempt – Can You Pass DOL Scrutiny?

February 23, 2011

Exempt or not exempt is the question. Especially as recently both the federal and state governments increased their enforcement of wage and hour laws. This comes as no surprize after President Obama had ordered the hiring of a significant number of new investigators to focus on this issue and nothing else. We all know that…

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Employee Afraid to Ask for California Overtime

February 10, 2011

A bookkeeper and office manager for a real estate company in California with about 30 real estate agents—she was busy. She was also paid hourly by the agency which results in one conclusion: she was not qualified as exempt. “Her boss always worked her overtime and never paid her for it” explains her husband… and…

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