New Yahoo! CEO to take “a few weeks” of maternity leave – U.S. workers in heated debate, while Germans wonder what all the fuss is about*

August 2, 2012

Yahoo’s newly appointed CEO (and former Google executive) Marissa Mayer just happens to be pregnant; she and her husband are expecting a baby boy in a few months. She also happens to be the 20th female CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, and has been charged with the task of revitalizing the flailing Yahoo! brand.…

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Yahoo Springs Threat of Lawsuit on Facebook

March 19, 2012

Yahoo has been around since 1994 and was once one of the most dominant internet companies. Lately, it’s star has been sinking, while those of firms such as Google and Facebook are rising quickly. It’s a common scene in the IT industry. But Yahoo still has a couple of cards up its sleeve, notably its…

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