SEC and Investigations

April 15, 2020

SEC Enforcement Expected To Surge On COVID Volatility Following the erratic stock market swings fueled by the COVID-19 crisis, attorneys expect a surge in U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigations tackling a broad range of potential violations, from outright fraud to disclosure issues. The SEC will put investment firms, broker-dealers and public companies under the…

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What is legal? Corona virus and HR law

March 19, 2020

Employment Issues 1. Can an employer stop an employee from wearing a medical mask or respirator? An employer may stop an employee, under most circumstances, from wearing a medical mask or respirator under OSHA respiratory protection standards. See 29 C.F.R. 1910.134. A respirator must be provided to employees only when necessary to protect the employee’s…

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Facebook- Kündigungsgrund 3.0?/Facebook- termination cause 3.0?

August 19, 2013

source: Facebook- Kündigungsgrund 3.0? Wie schon in vorherigen Posts ( und öfter diskutiert, führen Kommentare, Kritik oder Bilder auf Facebook oder anderen sozialen Netzwerken in der Vergangenheit sowohl in Deutschland, als auch in den USA immer häufiger zu – vom Arbeitgeber ausgesprochenen – Kündigungen. Dieses Schicksal ereilte nun auch einen 21- jährigen Deutschen,…

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Employee Afraid to Ask for California Overtime

February 10, 2011

A bookkeeper and office manager for a real estate company in California with about 30 real estate agents—she was busy. She was also paid hourly by the agency which results in one conclusion: she was not qualified as exempt. “Her boss always worked her overtime and never paid her for it” explains her husband… and…

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